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APIsec - the Only Platform for Automated API Security Testing

April 10, 2022
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APIs are the heart of the modern Web, Mobile, & Data integration architecture. As per OWASP, top API vulnerabilities come from business-logic, role-configuration, and access-control flaws. Making web security, pen-testing, and WAF approaches obsolete against the top API exploits.

APIsec is the cloud-native continuous API security platform, instantly detect and fix OWASP API Security Top 10, Business-Logic, Role-Configuration & Access-Control vulnerabilities in the API layer.

  1. OWASP API Security Top 10: Command & Injection Categories Penetration Testing Use-Cases & Compliance
  2. AI-Powered: APIsec bot instantly writes custom validations as playbooks for your APIs, giving you full control and visibility of your security coverage. And it automatically detects, prioritizes, and helps you fix vulnerabilities.
  3. No Business Shutdowns: Never lose a Single Record! Never Pay Business-Breaking Fines for Compliance, Legal, or Brand Damage.
  4. Continuous & Automatic: APIsec integrates with all major CI/CD tools. And it automatically manages vulnerabilities across all major engineering issue-trackers and IT ticketing systems. Not only does automation helps you save time and money, but it also enables you to share and resolve issues a lot faster.
  5. Zero Risk: APIs can Go-Live with Zero Business Risk
  6. Zero Business Loses: Never Lose a Single Customer Record! Never pay Business-Breaking Fines for Compliance, Legal, & Customer Damages.
  7. Comprehensive Coverage: Covers Dozens of Modern Exploits in Business-Logic, Roles Assignment, Access-Controls, Multi-Tenancy, & Injection Flaws.


APIsec provide API Security and Automatically Discover, Prioritizes, and help you Remediate all API Vulnerabilities.Covers Thousands of Flaws in Business-Logic, Roles Assignment, Access-Controls, Multi-Tenancy, & Command Injections.

Web security covers only injection categories and doesn’t support APIs. Penetration testing cover features but is expensive and manual. APIsec is the only security platform that instantly covers

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