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Continuous, automated, comprehensive API Security Testing

Key Benefits

Complete API coverage. Fully automated.

Find the most serious API threats

APIsec finds critical flaws in API logic that attackers target to gain access to sensitive data. Unlike traditional security solutions that look for common security issues, such as injection attacks and cross site scripting, APIsec pressure-tests the entire API to ensure no endpoints can be exploited.

Discover vulnerabilities BEFORE production

With APIsec you’ll know about vulnerabilities in your APIs *before* the get into production where hackers can exploit them. Run APIsec tests on your APIs at any stage of the development cycle to identify loopholes that can unintentionally give attackers access to sensitive data and functionality.

Security at the speed of DevOps

Security doesn’t have to slow down Development. APIsec runs at the speed of DevOps, giving you continuous visibility into the security of your APIs. No need to wait for the next scheduled pen-test, APIsec tests complete in minutes.

“You can design an API you think is ultra-secure, but if you don't test it, then a cybercriminal somewhere is going to do it for you.”

Corey Ball

Author, Hacking APIs

Product Features

You write code. We make sure it's secure

Continuous Security

Continuous testing that keeps up with Development

Automated Testing

Automated test creation ensures APIs are fully examined

Complete Coverage

Tests every endpoint and method against OWASP risks


Executes complete API test suites in minutes


Integrates with orchestration, API platforms and ticketing

Zero Touch

No agents, no source-code access, nothing inline

"Our customers ask us what we are doing to protect their sensitive data on Seismic, and once they see what we have done with APIsec, their confidence in us grows."

Tim Dzierzek

VP Info Security

"As we looked towards building our API focused products we were at a cross-road; do we build API security validations ourselves or do we leverage external companies. APIsec impressed us with what they were able to do quickly and the price to value ratio was incredible."

Daan Majoor


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