Tackle Known Vulnerabilities and Business Logic Flaws

Vuln scanners can only help you with a limited number of known API vulnerabilities, but they don’t take into account the unique structure of your API. APIsec maps custom-tailored attack scenarios onto your API to uncover both known API threats and business logic vulnerabilities.

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Save Dev Resources on API Security Testing

Your API developers are some of the highest-paid employees in your organization, so you want them to focus on creating products, not patching security holes. APIsec helps you do just that by continuously monitoring your API assets.

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Test APIs at the Speed of DevOps

API development gets bogged down by never-ending security patches and updates as even one data breach can ruin your reputation for years to come. APIsec runs a full security check in minutes, allowing you to drastically reduce time to market.

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Don't Take Our Word for It

Check out what our clients have to say.

Matt Jenks


A further challenge of identifying potential security gaps is to not disrupt the development and test flow of the engineers. This means that the tooling needed to play within the existing DevSecOps infrastructure.

Felix Beatty


With the exponential growth of API adoption, it made sense for us to partner with APIsec from the early beginnings of their success, which gave us an opportunity to expand our coverage and reduce our risk footprint.

Daan Majoor


As we looked towards building our API-focused products we were at a cross-road; do we build API security validations ourselves or do we leverage external companies. APIsec impressed us with what they were able to do quickly and the price to value ratio was incredible.

Tim Dzierzek

VP of Information Security

Our customers ask us what we’re doing to protect their sensitive data on Seismic; once they see what we have done with APIsec, their confidence grows.

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