Faizel Lakhani


Faizel has scaled organizations from 4M a year to over 100M a year, he has built new companies in new markets of terabit routing (2000), secure application firewalls (2004), learning DLP ( 2008) in communications analytics (2012) and AI/ML based analytics (2017). Faizel loves hard problems of taking great technology solutions and building scalable sales and marketing around them.


Intesar Shannan Mohammed

Co-founder & CTO

Serial entrepreneur and cybersecurity researcher with extensive experience in security, cloud, and APIs. Successfully co-founded and exited DCHQ. Leadership roles at HyperGrid, VMware, and Cisco. He holds several patents in security and cloud domain. Hold BS in computer science from JNTU, India. MS in computer science from the DePaul, Chicago. And security studies from Stanford, California.

Our team comes from industry shaping technology companies including: VMWare, Intel, McAfee, Cisco


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