How does APIsec™ secure my APIs-An Explainer


Security teams are accountable for securing their application with vendors that perform periodic scans. As organizations have more and more of their value exposed as APIs security teams need a seamless way to understand the risks with the APIs that they offer to ensure that HIPAA, PCI, EU or USA privacy rules are not violated.

APIsec was created with the mindset of understanding risk quickly, which for security teams is not fast enough.


Discover Risk

APIsec takes an API and fully understands the semantics of it to then identify the ways it could be engaged, creating unique playbooks to validate all areas of the API


AI Matching

APIsec uses a machine learning approach to understand the requests and responses that come from an API to understand the ones that are acceptable and not, to ensure the issues you see are the most critical ones.


Prioritize and Remediate

Security tools have a tendency to overwhelm teams, with too many issues, too many spreadsheets and tracking tools, to much coordination. We at APIsec believe that it is more effective to focus on a few things but to do them really well before going on to take more things.


LifeCycle Management

Coordination meetings are painful, especially when you have to look at different tools and processes. APIsec solves this by integrating into trouble ticketing systems, so as issues are created, they can be opened into the system of record for developers and allow for quick response and close. When issues are closed APIsec goes in and validates that the issue is resolved closing all corresponding tickets.

Matt Jenks
Griffin Global

“A further challenge of identifying potential security gaps is to not disrupt the development and test flow of the engineers. This means that the tooling needed to play within the existing DevSecOps infrastructure.”