Rest API an Its Significance to web service providers

API (Application Programming Interface) is a system that regulates the resources of different services. It is designed to make a web designer’s life easy. Now, there are two kinds of APIs. They are REST (Representational State Transfer) It is safe to say that REST is a follow up. while REST is considered easy to use with JavaScript and popular amongst web developers. REST often uses HTTP, URL, XML, JSON, etc.
Cyber-attacks are on the increase in recent times. These attacks come as a result of a malicious breach of identities and APIs. The attacks include parameter attacks, identity attacks, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Thus, many web service providers seek to reinforce the security of their APIs. They use security systems like MFA (Multi Factor Authentication), which involves security tokens, unlike the usual username and password. This system requires various steps of authentication from independent sections of credentials to verify the user’s identity for login.

Importance of API Security

  • The API security enforcement is vital because it prevents several cyber-attacks like XSS
  • API security Testing is essential to protect crucial data from any form of breach
  • It is also vital for the smooth performance of APIs and other programs


  • Open Authorization (OAuth)
  • MultiFactor Authentication
  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)

How Does the API Security Work?

API security involves two steps. They are authentication and authorization. Authentication verifies if the user’s application possesses a safe identity and can use the API safely. Authorization determines if the authenticated user’s application can access the API.  However, it is advised that the API is protected with other features.  This will reduce the API’s susceptibility to malicious breaches.


There have been cases of high-profile security breaches in recent times. One is the security breach that was faced by Snapchat. This has caused many web service providers to lose some of their users.  This means that the security breach and eventual data loss will cost many organizations because the cost and process of recovery are very high. This will not only cost money, but it will require time. Therefore, it is important to always engage in API security testing.

Your organization may end up breaking privacy laws due to security compromise. This will take a toll on your reputation as an organization.

The test doesn’t not only protect your API security from vulnerabilities. It will keep you aware of the possible attacks that could come from outside.  The essential tips for API security test include:

  • You must reject every input in your application that is of an incorrect type.
  • You must nullify any input is unacceptable.
  • Any input that is also of the wrong size must be canceled.
  • You must ensure that every input in your application falls within a particular range. Any input that is not within this range should be expunged.

API Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is used to test the functions and methods of the APIs. It is crucial because app developers are conscious of how the API can be abused or how the authorization and authentication can be overlooked, which may lead to a future security breach.

In conclusion:
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