Release Notes - 9th August 2021

New Features / Enhancements:

  • XML Support: APIsec now supports the XML version which validates and registers the project

XML Payloads

  • Vulnerability Report Download Enhancement: Vulns can be downloaded associated with the filters (Category & Severity).
Vulnerability Report
  • User Variable: User variable is now set to case sensitive


  • Configuration tabs: Breadcrumb position sticky to make it visible while scrolling down.
  • Category name alignment in scan history table.
  • Footer alignments fix.
  • Typos fixed
  • Performance enhancements: Modules shipment for scanner, Vault, Security Model, Signin/Signup.
  • Playbook window resized for bigger screen.
  • RBAC map search placeholders fix.
  • Sorting columns in download as excel.
  • APIGateway: Multiple project registration fix.
  • Clone playbook from vulnerabilities and scan history fix.
  • UAT login issue fix.