Release Notes - 7th June 2021

New Features / Enhancements:

  • Password validation: Confirm password field and strong password validation introduced on the free signup page.
  • Configuration tab enhancements: Variables and profiles tabs moved under environments.
  • Org enhancements: Added filter for org tags and removed legal name column.
  • Org notification: Custom email group field added for new org creation.
  • Beta tags: Beta tags removed from security marketplace and muted in issue trackers, ci/cd integrations, and categories.
  • Bot: Large response truncated to 1 MB with notification text in wire logs.


  • XSS Injection query param fix: Injection to be injected in query param strings.
  • Duplicate outbound email footer fixed.
  • Alignment fixes in the free signup page.
  • Callout removed in payload and categories.
  • Orgs with billing are deactivated.