Release Notes - 2nd August 2021

New Features / Enhancements:

  • Propagate Assertions: Changing assertions in a Playbook auto triggers the suggestion to apply the changes across the entire category playbooks.

    Propagate assertions
  • Vulnerability Report Download: Added six new columns like (Method, Playbook Name, Bug Bounty savings, CVSS, OWASP Rank, Since, etc.)

    Vulnerability report download
  • Environment: Defaulted to a detailed view. Instantly see all the credentials in an environment


  • Test Credentials: Instantly check your Jira and GitHub accounts are working.

    Test credentials
  • RBAC: Separate columns to view method and endpoint (break out in RBAC map) and sorting applied.

  • Scan history reports: Enhanced both summary and detail report to the new version.
  • Project Dashboard: Project name trimmed and tooltip applied for a big text.

    projectName Tooltip
  • Wirelogs: Color coding disabled to avoid confusion with red/green texts


  • GitBack sync: Individual and custom playbooks deletion fix.
  • Close vulnerability count fix on dashboard.
  • Dashboard tabs & Pagination: Extra spaces removed.
  • Assertions are fixed in AUTH categories, it has its own assertions now.
  • Free licenses removed from the product.