Release Notes - 23rd August 2021

New Features / Enhancements:

  • Consolidated action items in environment page.
    Environment edit options

  • Categories in scan model window will show the auth status if invalid.
    Select environment options
  • GitHub actions launched in CI/CD integrations.
  • Severity can be changed for single playbook or category, propagate severity feature launched in playbook action items.
    Propagate assertions
  • Scanner names enhanced for more readability.
    Scanners name
  • OAS V1 editor launched in endpoints page.


  • Edit/Delete auth fix.
  • Add bulk auth enhancements.
  • Sorting improvements in auth table.
  • Request and Response logs added for XML support.
  • False positive tile color changed to green in scan run details page.
  • Status column removed from global dashboard.
  • Oracle stored sql injections fix.