Release Notes - 21st June 2021

New Features / Enhancements:

  • Categories pie chart: Categories pie chart made clickable, which takes you to the vuln management.
  • Spinner introduced on the playbooks tile: Playbooks creation will now show the spinner (in progress) on the tile until it completes.
  • Trigger scan: Trigger scan will now redirect to the scan history page.
  • Payloads: Payloads tabs enhanced for easy access.
  • Snack bar: Playbook creation will now show the status on the snack bar.


  • Multiple headers are now supported for Auth.
  • New playbooks and activities page direction fixed.
  • Global dashboard sorting fix.
  • URL names changed to sync the page names across the product.
  • Side menu added in env, variables, and profile pages.
  • Copy-paste removed from confirm password field.
  • Page size minimize in web browser fixed.
  • Removed save & close action from playbooks.
  • Private scanner rows made clickable in the security marketplace.
  • Shimmer validation issue fixed under the details tab.
  • Date and owner name fix on project tile.
  • RBAC map open from dashboard fix.
  • Manage skip paths fix in Unsecured and AUTH categories.