Release Notes - 1st June 2021

New Features / Enhancements:

  • Free account introduced: The free user will be able to signup and run the security testing, but restricted to access the Integrations and Reports tab.
  • Dashboard enhancements: Renamed settings tab to configurations and sub-tab details to the API project.
  • Org enhancements: Added few org tags like PARTNER, CHURN, OPPORTUNITY.
  • Org table enhancements: Columns renamed and, used license numbers added.
  • Email notification: Trigger notifications to super admins for new tenant creation.
  • Beta tags: Beta tags removed from API gateways and reports.


  • Report fixes.
  • RBAC map fix: fixed form-data type.
  • Advance project section error fixed.
  • Request Headers: Processing request headers in the body.
  • Jira: Wire logs are now showing in Jira.
  • Access key expiration added for the playbook generation failure fix.
  • Null value injection: Inject null when value not found to avoid resource not entitled error.
  • Propagate assertions from playbooks to categories.