Release Notes - 19th July 2021

New Features / Enhancements:

  • New style for project tabs: Project tabs moved to breadcrumb position. White background added & table size aligned.
  • Dashboard enhancement: Dashboard changed to the project name with bold view.
  • Org list: Created by column added into the org table and email notification.


  • Vault account fix.
  • Column alignments in ABAC categories.
  • Clear the fields on change of account type - vault.
  • User variable copy to clipboard fix.
  • ABAC3 payload fix.
  • Org tag update fix.
  • Duplicate org name fix.
  • Dismiss snackbar when error popups.
  • Sorting fixed in the global scanner.
  • CLI link updated.
  • Pagination fix from the project list, landing to the home page.
  • Console error fix for scanner check connection.
  • Extra spaces removed from collaborators page.
  • Enterprise license removed from details page.