Release Notes - 16th August 2021

New Features / Enhancements:

  • APIs (Public, Mobile, IoT, Web) now changed to Secured APIs
  • Renamed API operation to API composition in reports page.
  • API Composition
  • Action items enhanced in env page, consolidated menu for Add, Edit, Delete Env & Auth.

  • Environment Edit
  • Colors and icons changed for a few tiles on the dashboard.
    Security Categories
  • Renamed categories to Security Categories on dashboard.
    Security Categories
  • Vulnerability severity graph position changed on dashboard.
    Vulnerability Severity
  • Project Name and Since column added to vulnerability excel download.
    Download Excel Report
  • Last scan badge removed and text muted in the project tiles.
    Last Scan
  • Severity high & score color is now set to orange for ABAC categories in the vulnerabilities dashboard.
    Severity as High


  • Private injection category fix.
  • Cosmetic column name changes in global scanner table.
  • Uppercase applied for AWS in the scanners page.
  • Columns rearranged in the project dashboard vuln table.
  • Bundle collection for API Gateways & Activities module.
  • Snack bar messages fixed in issue trackers.
  • Environments are editable now, edit option in the action menu.
  • Ace color editor changed to single color in vulnerabilities details wirelog.
  • Sorting added on env auth table.
  • Env Auths fixes.