CISOs: Why API Security Should be Your Top Priority in 2022

CISOs: Why API Security Should be Your Top Priority in 2022

In this webinar

The proliferation of APIs has enabled entirely new business models and powers nearly all mobile and web applications. But, APIs have also become the primary target for attackers with many breaches and hundreds of millions of records stolen in 2021. These attacks look to exploit unknown flaws in the application logic that allow unauthorized access to internal data and functionality.

In 2022, security and development teams need to make securing APIs a top priority. Join this session to learn:

* Why CISOs need to prioritize API security in 2022
* What to consider in building an API security strategy
* How to automate API security and integrate with DevSecOps

The webinar will feature talks from API Security experts:

* Cecil Pineda: SVP and Chief Information Security Officer at R1 RCM
* Corey Ball: Cybersecurity Consulting Manager at Moss Adams, and author of Hacking APIs
* Dan Barahona: Head of Marketing and Business Development at APIsec

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