How does APIsec™ secure my APIs-An Explainer


APIsec starts with a view that developers should focus on building great features and capabilities, security should not be something that every developer becomes an expert at. Secure software development lifecycle (SDLC) is something many companies want to achieve, we help them get there quickly for their APIs.

We designed APIsec with a mindset of integrating API security right into the development process, where developers can have their APIs validated every check-in, with prioritized easy to understand vulnerabilities integrated into their own normal development toolchain.


Discover Risk

APIsec takes an API and fully understands the semantics of it to then identify the ways it could be engaged, creating unique playbooks to validate all areas of the API.


AI Matching

APIsec uses a machine learning approach to understand the requests and responses that come from an API to understand the ones that are acceptable and not, to ensure the issues you see are the most critical ones.


Enable Communities

Many APIs have unique capabilities that need to be handled specially. Sometimes you need to provide objects as part of the API validation, sometimes they are unique commands executed leveraging 3rd party components. APIsec exposes these to developers to enable a rich framework to create customized categories.


Prioritize and Remediate

Security tools have a tendency to overwhelm teams, with too many issues, too many spreadsheets and tracking tools, to much coordination.  We at APIsec believe that it is more effective to focus on a few things but to do them really well before going on to take more things.

Ahren Posthumus
Application Security Specialist

“The level of automation and depth of feedback is unparalleled. Any company leveraging the power of restful API’s should consider making sure they are secure with these guys!” Ahren Posthumus Application Security Specialist”