A Customer Success Engineer is a professional who specializes in understanding all of the aspects of a technical product and explaining them to current and potential customers. This role has two key elements:

  1. Prospect Facing: Advocate for how to approach security for API and to on-board APIs as proof to prospect on our value. In this role, the individual will need socratic skills to guide prospective customers on the journey of security API and deal with confrontational sales situations which will require positioning and explanation to solve.
  2. Customer Facing: An ideal candidate is considered a subject matter expert on building, using, and testing APIs. Once a prospect becomes a customer this individual will guide the on-boarding process working with the subject matter experts on the APIsec Red-Team to make APIsec fully meet the customer desired goals for API security.


APIsec is seeking a dynamic Customer Success Engineer who will be responsible for delivering technical consultation and product assistance to current and potential customers. We are looking for an individual contributor that is an application security SME. An ideal candidate will have ample customer facing experience and a proven track record of high tech consulting, building, using, and testing various applications. Familiarity with software development best practices and software development life cycle methodologies is a must.

Desired Skills:

Education and Experience:

A Bit About APIsec:

We created APIsec to address a fundamental security challenge - APIs are getting breached in ways never seen with web and mobile applications. Hackers are looking for, and finding, logic flaws and loopholes in APIs that can be exploited to give unauthorized access and harvest millions of records. Organizations now employ APIs to power microservices and containers, web and mobile applications, and are even exposed publicly to developers, clients and partners. APIs are a favored target for hackers as they provide direct and programmatic access to internal databases and functionality. APIsec addresses the critical need to secure APIs before they reach production. APIsec provides the industry’s only automated and continuous API testing platform that uncovers security vulnerabilities and logic flaws in APIs. Clients rely on APIsec to evaluate every update and release, ensuring that no APIs go to production with vulnerabilities.