Faizel Z Lakhani

Chief Executive Officer

Faizel holds a B. Engineering from McMaster University, M. Engineering from Carleton University, MBA from the University of Ottawa. He is a recipient of the LW Shemilt Distinguished Alumni from McMaster University. He holds 12 patents in various areas of networking and security.


Intesar Shannan Mohammed

co - founder and Chief Technology Officer

Intesar holds a Bachelors in Computer Science from JNTU, and Masters in Computer Science from DePaul and advanced security courses from Stanford.Intesar holds 5 patents in applications and development and presents at numerous conferences.


What we do?

Our SaaS product can understand APIs and then determine vulnerabilities with the business logic automatically.We integrate into the Security Ops, DevSecOps and Development ops to provide API security natively in the workflow that all teams works in today.


How we do it?

Levering smart bots to build an understanding of the API then applying our machine learning engine to understand the requests and responses our expertise in building the complex applications are applied to securing them. Our AI engine is able to provide accurate actionable vulnerabilities so you can focus.


Whats the result ?

API that are secure by default, at production, in staging and in development. We eliminate the need for developers to become security experts and create a seamless way to integrate development and security using your existing systems and processes.