How does APIsec™ secure my APIs-An Explainer

Accelerate Secure Application Development

Prevent Access Control Vulnerabilities That Are Behind the Vast Majority of API Attacks

Instant API Security Coverage

Prevent data leaks and data corruption vulnerabilities with instant security coverage for critical vulnerabilities like Unsecured Endpoints, DDoS, more.. SQL Injection, and many others. With apisec Cloud’s unmatched depth of coverage, enterprises can mitigate API-specific vulnerabilities like data breaches as a result of the improper implementation of RBAC roles or ABAC rules that control access to resources. less

Continuous Compliance

Get on-demand and continuous compliance for PCI 6.5 and OWASP standards eliminating the need for periodic application security audits, which are more.. inefficient and ineffective, and require a huge investment in experts performing manual tasks. less

Continuous Global Coverage

Security Scanners parallelize executions and run them in a distributed manner. The Security Scanners can be automatically provisioned across any private or public cloud.

Advanced API Orchestration

Create data-driven tests in simple, declarative YAML files. The test composition framework supports API chaining, all assertions, and both more.. local/remote data injection – allowing developers to test end-to-end API flows, not just isolated calls. less

API Security

REST API’s Are Powering Most Modern Applications

APIs are becoming increasingly crucial to application strategies and effective modern application development. Today, REST APIs power most modern applications enabling businesses to support their journey towards digital transformation and move towards more continuous innovation.

Application Security Challenges

In the absence of continuous application security, many enterprises rely on either manual security audits or conventional application security testing approaches, which are inefficient and ineffective, requiring a huge investment in experts performing manual tasks.

Additionally, these audits are often performed very late in the development cycle adding enormous project delays and costs associated with Fix-Test-Redeploy activities.

Lastly, security vulnerabilities stemming from the REST API layer are typically undetected in application security tools. As a result, enterprises often struggle to prevent API-specific vulnerabilities like data breaches caused by improper implementation of RBAC roles or ABAC rules that control access to resources. The lack of comprehensive and integrated API security management can often lead to data loss attacks that can shut down application services.

Continuous API Security & Compliance

APIsec addresses these challenges by providing an enterprise-class API security platform that delivers continuous API security coverage and compliance. Your team can continue to focus on building new features and growth, and APIsec Cloud will provide instant app security for your growing needs.

With the risk-based security-first approach, enterprises can detect API vulnerabilities, prioritize them and use best-practice advice to quickly fix or block them at the earliest points in the development cycle where costs are low and application dependencies are less complex. This has helped our customers save more than 70% on application security costs by eliminating the need for conventional more..application security testing approaches, which require a huge investment in experts performing manual tasks.
With our simple web dashboard, you can instantly start your API security coverage and compliance, and access our fully integrated services such as. less

  • Security Scanners – 30+ worldwide regions to execute security coverage
  • Automatic Bug Filing/Closing – automatically file and close bugs in Jira/GitHub Issues
  • Recommendations – providing fix estimates and code snippets to remediate discovered vulnerabilities
  • Analytics – historical visualization to accelerate troubleshooting
  • Marketplace – reusable security datasets
  • Integrations – CI/CD, Maven/Gradle
  • Notifications – email and Slack support

Learn more about each of the use cases supported.

Derek Showerman
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“With as a partner, our escalation testing was put together in under a month, resulting in a great return on investment as the total cost is well below the cost of a single security test engineer.”