APIsec Security Certification Program:

App Marketplace API Security

APIsec has collaborated with various App Marketplaces to create a comprehensive and automated platform for testing APIs.

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The API Security Certification Process

APIsec offers an easy, automated way to test your APIs and satisfy most app marketplace testing requirements.

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Step 1: Register for an APIsec Security scan
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Step 2: Submit your API details
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Step 3: Receive your APIsec Certification Report

APIsec Certified Comprehensive Coverage

APIsec provides comprehensive coverage, ensuring every endpoint is fully tested across 100+ attack categories, including:
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Business logic tests (BOLA, IDOR)
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Security tests (injection, ADoS, Log4J)
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Excessive/sensitive data exposure
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Rate limiting tests
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And many more
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Special Offer

EXCLUSIVE to Zoom App Marketplace Partners

Zoom App Marketplace partners are invited to take advantage of exclusive pricing, only available through this program. 

APIsec offers Zoom partners a FREE, one-time API security assessment and certification with Zoom for Government requirements.

Zoom for Government Special Pricing
$500/m per API
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100+ API test categories
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OWASP API Top 10 Coverage
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Logic tests: ABAC, RBAC, BOLA, IDOR
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Security tests: Injection, DDoS, XSS, ADoS, Log4j
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Private and Public API support
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Cloud and on-premise scanners
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Complimentary Assessment readout session

Why APIsec?

Automated Test Creation

Automatically generates thousands of customized attack scenarios

Comprehensive Test Coverage

Full coverage of OWASP Top 10 and 100+ additional attack categories

Continuous Assessment

Easily satisfy quarterly Zoom recertification requirements

Never Worry About Security Again

APIsec offers an easy, automated way to test your APIs and satisfy most app marketplace testing requirements.

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Free API Certification