How does APIsec™ secure my APIs - An Explainer

API Penetration testing

As APIs have become foundational for organizations to share data, the programmatic nature of APIs has resulted in a large surface area opportunity for breaches. Now there is a programmatic interface to access data, and more importantly a way to experiment to uncover software design misses.Now hackers controlled bots are able to attack an API very slowly, using credentials to uncover vulnerabilities that expose sensitive data.

Organizations that have access to personally identifiable information, payment card information, banking information that is exposed through the API now have to validate that credentialed users do not get access to more than they are allowed.

SaaS based companies also have a high standard to prove to their customers that they have put adequate controls in place safeguarding the data SaaS companies store for them.

Today aside from training developers to become security experts and to test for all the permutations and combinations that a hacker may use to exploit the API the next step is an API Penetration test.

What is an API Penetration Test ?

There are world-class penetration testers that are able to uncover security vulnerabilities in applications quickly. When pointed at an API, Penetration testers create scripts and methods to uncover flaws in the business logic using what they understand about the API (through documentation or otherwise).

Many of the API penetration testers we work with partner with APIsec because we take an API and using our AI Bots generate 1000’s of attack vectors across all aspects of the API. The successful attack vectors now give the Penetration testers the path to exploit and determine what the application will allow. Our API Penetration testing partner recommend customers to leverage APIsec in their API DevSec process to reduce the surface area of the API and to give the penetration testers the map as to where to attack.

Learn about how one of our customers eliminated the need for API penetration testings using APIsec.


Tim Dzierzek
Director, Information Security

“ provided exceptional support to us throughout the on-boarding and configuration stages. Their capabilities got us testing our APIs for a broad range of vulnerabilities in a very short period of time. This allowed us to focus our valuable resources on working with our Engineering teams instead of building complex test cases for our APIs.”